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LNB Switches, Satellite Meter and CAMs

If you would like to purchase a product or ask specific questions about channels please visit an internet based retail shop like www.freetv.co.nz

LNB Switches
22khz, 12v and DiSEqC switches. 4 way DiSEqC switch also available with plastic weather-proof cover, all ports facing down.


A multi switch is different from a DiSEqC switch or a 22khz switch in that it enables more than one receiver to use an LNB at the same time. How? Rather than switching the LNB between the receivers, the multi switch moves the receivers between the LNBs. And each receiver is connected independently of the others. More here...


Satellite Splitter
2 way splitter all ports power pass.


Satellite Diplexer
Run both satellite/lnb signals and ordinary TV aerial signals down one cable. You do not need to run a new cable for your satellite dish. Existing TV aerial cable needs to be satellite rated RG6 coax cable.


IRDETO and CONAX card reader CAM. Also programmable via PCMCIA port of laptop PC. Plugs directly into the CI slot on the TF5000CI, TF5000CIP, TF4000PVR, TF5010PVR or TF6000PVR.




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