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How to get assistance:

If you are wanting to learn more about digital TV and radio, how receivers work, or how to best use your Topfield satellite receiver - please visit the free forum at topfield-newzealand.

For more information about DishTV receivers and satellite dishes please visit the DishTV Support website.

If you would like to purchase any other product or ask specific questions about channels please visit an internet based retail shop like www.freetv.co.nz


If you are a business and are interested in purchasing products in bulk, our details are below.


International: +64 7 825 5254
National: 07 825 5254
Office hours are 8:30am - 5pm, please leave a message outside of those hours
872 Old Mountain Rd
Raglan 3295
New Zealand
International: +64 7 825 5256
National: 07 825 5256


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