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3m Mesh Polar Mount Satellite Dishes & Actuator Photos

This page has photos of the 3m mesh polar mount dish and actuator that we use for our tests. The photos are to give you an idea of the dish assembly, mounting and actuator use.

In the photos the dish is aligned to the satellite PAS 2 in the Waikato region.

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This is what you are wanting your polar dish setup to look like.

Understanding the polar mount and actuator fittings can help.

Cobwebs come pretty fast and don't seem to mind the dish movement.

Note where the Linear Actuator connects.

This is the linear actuator with the cabling. The actuator requires two pairs of cables. We have used a heavy twin pair flex for the power cable and a light flex for the signal pair. Using standard mains cable works well - usually 2.5mm cable for the power cable and standard flex for the signal will work for 50m runs or more. Of course at that length you will start to lose signal on the coax cable so be careful of long lengths.

Notice how the coax cable is fed through the mesh. You do not have to do this but it does make the run shorter and neater. Bear in mind though that you do have to make a hole in your brand new dish mesh to feed the cable through. You might not feel like doing this, so just run it around the edge.

Note the two points of clamping for the mount. We recommend a 78mm OD (outside diameter) heavy wall pipe, though you can see here that a smaller diameter pipe can be adapted to fit. Another way to have a very strong mount is to use a very heavy square section of pipe and weld the 78mm pipe into the top where the dish mount sits.

Notice that even though the mounting pipe is fixed to a concrete base and attached to the eave of the house, it is also braced higher up back to the roof of the house. If you wish to keep your new dish and your house intact, never underestimate the power of high winds. A mesh dish is not 'invisible' to wind. It is only 'less' affected than a solid dish.


Connecting the Linear Actuator to the Topfield TF5000CIP

DIY Connection Guide for TF5000CIP & Linear Actuator (pdf - 75kb)





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